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Bionical Solutions is a leading provider of healthcare outsourcing services to pharmaceutical, biotech, healthcare companies and the NHS. Bionical Solutions partners with its clients to deliver market leading personalised communications and experiences to healthcare professionals and patients that enhance engagement and improve health outcomes.

Our health (and healthcare in general) is a very personal matter and the needs, motivations and opinions of healthcare professionals and patients are diverse. Bionical’s award winning solutions are tailored to individual needs and leverage the optimal mix of personal interactions and digital/healthtech solutions to maximise understanding, empowerment and results.

Bionical Solutions delivers both commercial programs designed to enhance understanding and empower healthcare professionals to identify appropriate patients for medicines, devices or products as well as clinical programs to provide disease education and support patients once treatment has been initiated. All of these services are supported in-house insight, UX and software development teams to build communications, engagement platforms and software that maximise patient acquisition and the retention rates of healthcare clients.